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Terms and Conditions and Price List


I have some qualifications in gardening and several years of experience in various aspects of gardening. It is a passion of mine and so I am very motivated to do a good job for you.  These are the courses and qualifications I have achieved so far:

Horticulture: Understanding Organic Techniques – achieved 3 credits at Level 1

Edible Landscaping – Discovering Unusual Food Plants (Foundation Level 10 Credits) Passed Module

Garden Styles – achieved 3 credits at Level 2
Horticulture: Introduction to Garden Design – achieved 3 credits at Level 1

I am an organic gardener so do not use pesticides or weedkiller; roots still have to be removed and weedkiller usually does not do the job satisfactorily, so using it is a false economy, weeds come back with a vengeance later on when roots are left in the ground and wild plants such as dandelions are not killed by weedkiller.

Price List

I have a minimum charge for any gardening session which is £20 for one hour so you may as well have 2.

My rate for customers requiring regular garden maintenance is £15 per hour. Small tree, shrub and hedge trimming & pruning are at other rates as these normally involve working at height. I assess upon observation.

If I bring my electric lawnmower then I normally charge for that, I can use yours though if you have one to negate the charge.

I am able to remove a certain amount of garden waste, there may be a charge for this dependent on the amount.

I offer a garden planter making service, from reclaimed wood – including from reclaimed pallets – I charge between £65 and £85 for planters of between 90cm & around 170cm in length and  around 30cm wide, depths vary on the wood size.  These prices include staining the planters but with stain that you provide/pay for.  I can also make planters from new fsc certified wood – for which the cost of the wood is added as well as a fetching fee if you require me to do this. Contents including growing medium are extra and depends on what growing medium and bulbs or plants are wanted. We can discuss this if you wish me to fill the planters. I can also make wooden composting frames, we can discuss this if you wish to have one of these built.

Terms and Conditions

I reserve the right to cancel a gardening session if something unexpectedly important comes up or due to illness or very bad weather, I will endeavour to give as much notice as I can.

I will need at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel a gardening session for any reason unless due to an emergency of course. If no notice is given and I cannot gain access to a garden or other area to work then I would charge my minimum rate.

For regular customers, if I have to stop gardening for you for whatever reason, which would not be for any casual reason, I take my dedication to a customer’s garden seriously, then I would give you 2 weeks notice and I would appreciate the same the other way around.

I would appreciate access to a toilet, especially if the garden is somewhere remote and it is a long day.

I do not offer pet excretion removal, I would appreciate it if this was cleared by pet owners before I start my gardening session.

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